Month: January 2017

Drain the swamp…

Magpies are unmistakable and noisy, with a repertoire of abrupt, harsh calls. Sharp-eyed and intelligent, they are an efficient predator of the nest contents of smaller birds; and, as a consequence, they are disliked by many people. In the suburbs of towns and cities from Ankara to Bristol and […]


Pintails and Running Rail

Feather perfect, pintail pairs paddle the gin blue water of the East Flood; the males stay close and carefully guard their females. Every now and then the dominant male lifts up out of the water and bows his head toward his partner, and then a few […]

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Travels in the Holy Land

Israel December 20th 2016 – January 3rd 2017 The Ayalon River or Wadi Musrara used to flow from the Judean Hills west through Tel Aviv to the sea at Jaffa; today it is re-routed through a concrete channel that lies in the centre of the Ayalon […]

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