Hi there…

I’m an ecologist and photographer who enjoys being out and about watching the seasons turn and wildlife do its thing.   I started out birdwatching over 40 years ago, and have become increasingly interested in biodiversity in all its many forms and landscapes. This blog tells the stories of days in the field mainly in southern England but also Europe and the Middle East; as someone with itchy feet it is always fun to travel a new road and then meander from it.

Photography is a way to capture the moment. The narrative is a chance to set the scene and draw some wider conclusions from time to time. I enjoy the sense of place that comes from being in a location for a period of time, so I have spent springs in the Mediterranean where the world is slower, richer, and where the last Ice Age never quite reached.  I do my best to correctly identify everything I photograph and usually photography helps me see more and identify more.  I’m most interested in the art of nature but a science background helps make sense of the beautiful chaos.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions and interact; I hope that the stories and images are interesting and, at times, stimulating.