Orjen Mountain and Boka Kotorska

On the far side of Boka Kotorska (the Bay of Kotor) running up behind the town of Herceg Novi sits the largely unexplored massif known as Orjen. This lies adjacent to Bosnia-Herzegovina and the thin slice of coastal Croatia that is now labelled the Dubrovnik riviera.  I thought I would fit in a visit to these remoteContinue reading “Orjen Mountain and Boka Kotorska”

Luštica Peninsula – Maquis

The Luštica Peninsula forms one of the two outer arms that protect the Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska); it has a narrow neck where it joins the mainland with a large, pendulous tear-drop head.  There is only one circular, single track road so it is quiet and isolated such that tourist developments are only just beginning to make theirContinue reading “Luštica Peninsula – Maquis”