The forests of Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill and nearby Duke University are enveloped by forests of oak, hickory, beech, maple and pine on the Piedmont plateau. The Piedmont is a band of low, rolling hills between the Atlantic coastal plain and the Appalachians. Weather-boarded houses are buried in the tall trees; from the deck of one, high above a creekContinue reading “The forests of Chapel Hill”

Biogradska Gora – Spring Melt

The path up to the lake on 11th April was, in contrast to my last visit, almost clear of snow.  Plants were up in the leaf litter under the high forest.  White butterbur (Petasites albus) was most numerous but the vivid blue hepatica (Hepatica nobilis) was more eye-catching. Wood anemone (Anemone nemerosa) and a borage species wereContinue reading “Biogradska Gora – Spring Melt”

Ascent of Rumija

Yesterday, we set out to climb Rumija mountain, well a goodly part of its 1,595m. The mountain tops were still snow-covered but the target was to reach the steep beech forests at around 1,200m. We began in the ancient sweet chestnut woods and followed the way-marked path, passing through the hamlet of Gornji Briska.  TheContinue reading “Ascent of Rumija”

The Komovi

The mountain road from Kolasin to Andrijevica passes through the small village of Mateševo and then follows the river Drčka, a tributary of the Tara, up the valley to Trešnjevik Pass. I stopped when the road started to hairpin and the road became more a bobsleigh run with walls of snow where the ploughs had cut there wayContinue reading “The Komovi”

Biogradska Gora

The tarmac path from the car park up to the small lake within Biogradska National Park is only a couple of kilometres but Spring had not started to dent the knee deep snow. The lake is 1,094m above sea level so the sign told me and a different world from the oak-clad hills filled with crocusContinue reading “Biogradska Gora”