Deserts of the Emirates

The endless dunes between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain are golden waves of lifeless sand, dead and uninviting. They are also increasingly defaced by power lines, pipes and water tanks and demarcated by endless walls and fences as tenure and utilisation are settled. They are still traversed by camels but now also four wheel drives with tyres flattened toContinue reading “Deserts of the Emirates”

Yas Island – A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Muddy Mangroves

Yas Island is one of the many great infrastructure projects in the United Arab Emirates, located close to Abu Dhabi airport and 10 miles down the highway from the city. In 2012, it already had a Formula 1 racing circuit, a huge red panini of a building called Ferrari World, hotels, marina and golf course andContinue reading “Yas Island – A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Muddy Mangroves”

Abu Dhabi – An Introduction

The coast is flat, the horizons wide and, on an empty island where once was just a small oasis, protected for 250 years by a fort built of coral and stone, the hot desert has been transformed into a small city of towers with a grid of streets rammed with cars. New buildings are smooth,Continue reading “Abu Dhabi – An Introduction”