Red kite mobbed by a carrion crow

Red kites are renowned nest predators especially of rooks and crows. In mid April, most carrion crows pairs have a nest on the go, probably with with four blue speckled eggs in a stick nest lined with wool, and if a kite approaches then the male will climb vertically out of the woods to harry and chase the bird away. When a red kite decides not to move on but to carry on circling lazily, low over the fields, then the level of aggression will build and the interaction develop into an angry dogfight. On a sunny evening on the North Downs, this carrion crow was all claws and contorted wings as it twisted and turned to attack and evade the long yellow talons of the inquisitive and persistent intruder. The aggression eventually worked and the kite ambled away. This was likely to have been a single bird as it is going into primary moult early with a distinctive notched wing; breeding birds tend to hang on to their flight feathers until later in the season.

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