Orford Landscapes

The sou’westerly whips the water and ruffles the couch grass sward along the sea wall.  The halyards hammer the masts of the anchored dinghies and yachts in a tinny percussion. The early morning sun breaks the cloud and briefly transforms the grey coast into molten light and stark silhouettes.  The flat grazing marshes are aContinue reading “Orford Landscapes”

Whimbrels on the Alde Estuary

The north east wind drives in off the ugly, mud brown sea; Aldeburgh huddles on the coast. South from the town, a long gravel spit runs for miles to Orfordness and beyond. The track bumps past the sailing club, full of small craft but empty of people to the squat, Martello Tower about a mile fromContinue reading “Whimbrels on the Alde Estuary”