Bozdağ Milli Parkı, Eşmekaya and Gölyazı Bird Surveys

Dawn on day 3 (21st May) in our last 50-km square that encompasses the bare hills of Bozdağ Milli Parkı east of Konya across flat agricultural land to the small town of Eşmekaya and the southern edge of Tuz Golu. The shepherds are out on the steppes; those we meet are from Afghanistan. The first 1-km squareContinue reading “Bozdağ Milli Parkı, Eşmekaya and Gölyazı Bird Surveys”

Tivat Saltpans

Tivat Saltpans (Tivatska Solilas) is an area of intertidal habitats and former saltpans within the Bay of Kotor protected in 2008 as a 150 ha. natural heritage site.  In the language of protected areas, ‘potentially damaging operations’ are not permitted. In a country where hunting and fishing is so prevalent, this is great news for theContinue reading “Tivat Saltpans”