Pech Bely Encore

The April weather this year is sharp showers and brisk winds then warm sun and clear light. Dawn drowns in deep dew. The dead vines are pruned and tied and the rows harrowed. The first trees are coming into leaf led by Montpellier maple Acer monspessulanum, bright green with yellow flowers. The old devils are all present: corn bunting Emberiza calandra onContinue reading “Pech Bely Encore”

Pech Bely

Spring: 22nd April – 1st May 2013. The small road from the ancient, bastide town of Tournon d’Agenais runs along the valley of the river Boudouyssou, a small tributary of the Lot. Above the river, on a small plateau accessed by a narrow spur road, sits the hamlet of Pech Bely; nothing much more than aContinue reading “Pech Bely”