Adders on the meadow

There are just a handful of traditional lowland hay meadows left in Southern England. On a land use map of Kent, Marden Meadow looks like a short line of postage stamps stuck on a large, white envelope; a remnant from a time when the only implements to work the land were scythes, carts and barrowsContinue reading “Adders on the meadow”

H. L. Blomquist Garden of Native Plants

If you had written the following books: “The Ferns of North Carolina”, “The Grasses of North Carolina”, “Flowers of the South: Native and Exotic” and “A Guide to the Spring Flora of the Lower Piedmont of North Carolina” then you would know a thing or two about the vegetation of the southeastern USA. Hugo LeanderContinue reading “H. L. Blomquist Garden of Native Plants”