Nacton Meadows

Nacton Meadows is entirely hidden in a small valley that is accessed by a footpath between Levington and Nacton just north of the Orwell estuary. The first meadow is on a west facing slope with a herd of boisterous heffers so not a place to potter. The second is across a stream on a southContinue reading “Nacton Meadows”

Trimley Marshes on the Orwell Estuary

The stone track from Trimley St. Mary runs down the hill passing ancient limes and oaks before turning east below a dense cordon of tall and stringy ash trees that runs round the huge container terminal at Felixstowe for a mile or so; here the sounds are not of the countryside or the coast but grating metal scraping metal, sirens,Continue reading “Trimley Marshes on the Orwell Estuary”