Red kite mobbed by a carrion crow

Red kites are renowned nest predators especially of rooks and crows. In mid April, most carrion crows pairs have a nest on the go, probably with with four blue speckled eggs in a stick nest lined with wool, and if a kite approaches then the male will climb vertically out of the woods to harryContinue reading “Red kite mobbed by a carrion crow”

Little Britain

A few miles north of Heathrow airport and within earshot of the M25, the river Colne forms the boundary between Buckinghamshire and north west London; it is a small chalk river with clear, shallow water and wide gravel beds, lined by tall, ivy-clad trees. The sheltered margins and banksides are bright green with patches ofContinue reading “Little Britain”

Ringing Breeding Birds in Wales

Friday evening near Llyn Brenig in the Sitka spruce forests of North Wales. The warm, humid air that brought storms has been replaced by a chill northwesterly and clearing skies. In the clear-felled forest, the nightjars ‘churr’ at dusk and we try to lure a male to a large mist net with a recording of theContinue reading “Ringing Breeding Birds in Wales”