Darenth Fox 2

The fox was back in the field at 1pm on another sunny, cold day and hunting the old pasture with deep concentration and sloping pose required to keep his nose to the ground. One leap, after a vole perhaps, was unsuccessful. He (possibly a she but with a long winter coat) looked very well and only looked up just yards from where I stood. A moment after the second photograph below was taken he was off, but not far and turned to see if I followed. When I did, he moved on through the thick thorn hedge to find somewhere away from my gaze and resume his pursuit. This land is National Trust property and foxes and the rest enjoy a safe haven.

darenth fox 2 b 030

darenth fox2

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  1. John Parr says:

    Generally a very good read, and reminds me oh so much of the UK countryside . Hope you appreciate some humble editing. I would reword “looked very well” to spritely or vivacious. And reword “and the rest” to woodland inhabitants.

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