Agrimony, fleabane, purple loosestrife and water mint

The South Charente bakes then drowns in August. The hay meadows have been cut and collected and the Parthenais cattle have small calves. The flowers are restricted to wet ditches and damp corners except for the road and railsides.

Many butterflies seek the water mint and the loosestrife; the coppers are often on the fleabane. Also present are both native and Asian hornets, large solitary wasp species and a number of day flying moths.

A few are on the agrimony including sooty copper.

Others are on mallow, bryony, knapweeds, thistles and wild carrot.

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  1. Sherry Felix says:

    Good to see such a large collection of butterflies.

  2. Steve Parr says:

    Thanks Sherry..the diversity is excellent here.

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