Abri d’art

The art of the gardens at Boisjarzeau in August are the dying borders of Allium, Rudbeckia, Gaura and Agapanthus and a host of others with forgotten names; tall sunflowers in orange and yellow, exuberant vegetable beds, laden fruit trees and raspberry canes, three blue beehives and four fat chickens in a run.

The autumn golds and washed out greens give the place a weathered, end of era look. The wild meadow needs its annual cut as the tall thistles turn to fluff, although the chicory flowers remain a radiant sky blue. In the vegetable beds, the courgettes are making a run for it and an old wheelbarrow tries in vain to maintain order.

A garden shed is part-painted; the elegant pots on the disused well are occupied by small wasps’ nests; and a tiny geranium bronze butterfly dances above the pot plants on both front steps. Swallowtails nectar on the buddleja, brimstones and hummingbird hawk-moths on the spreading Ceratostigma and hornets forever hunt any flying insect going.

The great flock of house sparrows sits in the hedges and a fraction drops onto the wild lawns to pick seeds before making a concerted dash for cover. It looks like a child’s game but sparrowhawks come through here almost daily as though on a milk round but only as purveyor of a quick death; at a neighbouring farm one sunny evening, a hobby with long wings bent like a stretched anchor sears over the rooftops to try to take a swallow or a sparrow. The daily routine for the small birds in the wild garden is forever panic rather than pleasure.

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  1. Sherry Felix says:

    Lovely post.

    1. Steve Parr says:

      Thanks Sherry

  2. Glorious photographs.

    We started feeding the local pigeons because they no longer had their workday feeders etc. We became swamped, and lost all our sparrows, blackbirds and starlings in consequence. Such a shame – a shame all round.

    And not a slug nor butterfly in sight! Our veg have been decimated.

    1. Steve Parr says:

      Thanks Michael…sounds a minor tragedy

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