Linville Gorge Wilderness

William Linville was killed in 1766 by the Shawnee in the beautiful forested gorge that now bears his name; it was a brutal end to a hard life. Linville, like his friend Daniel Boone, was a ‘long hunter’, travelling in a small party for months at a time deep into uncharted forests to trap andContinue reading “Linville Gorge Wilderness”

H. L. Blomquist Garden of Native Plants

If you had written the following books: “The Ferns of North Carolina”, “The Grasses of North Carolina”, “Flowers of the South: Native and Exotic” and “A Guide to the Spring Flora of the Lower Piedmont of North Carolina” then you would know a thing or two about the vegetation of the southeastern USA. Hugo LeanderContinue reading “H. L. Blomquist Garden of Native Plants”

The forests of Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill and nearby Duke University are enveloped by forests of oak, hickory, beech, maple and pine on the Piedmont plateau. The Piedmont is a band of low, rolling hills between the Atlantic coastal plain and the Appalachians. Weather-boarded houses are buried in the tall trees; from the deck of one, high above a creekContinue reading “The forests of Chapel Hill”